Work starts to improve safety on Greenway Lane rat-run

Work has begun on improving safety for pedestrians and children along notorious rat-run Greenway Lane.

Work is being undertaken to extend pathways along the length of Greenway Lane following calls by residents and local councillor Brook Whelan (Cons, Widcombe) for the council to improve safety for pedestrians. The improvements will particularly benefit pupils of Beechen Cliff School, who use Greenway Lane to walk to school.

Problems with use of Greenway Lane as a rush-hour rat-run have been a long-standing issue for local residents and Cllr Whelan has been working with the Council’s Highways team to consult residents on possible solutions to the problem.

As part of the Council’s programme of bus lane improvements, work is also be carried out to restrict access to Entry Hill and Greenway Lane from the Wellsway, which is hoped will reduce the number of cars using the road as a rush-hour rat-run.
A new footpath is also to be constructed at the junction of Entry Hill and Greenway Lane to improve safety where many pupils cross to get to Beechen Cliff.

Brook has welcomed the start of the work and has said he will continue to work with residents on ways to reduce traffic and improve safety along Greenway Lane.

Cllr Brook Whelan (Cons, Widcombe) said:

“The problems with Greenway Lane being used as a rush-hour rat-run are a long-standing headache for local residents here. I would like to thank the Greenway Lane Residents Association for the work they have done and help they have given the Council in consulting local people on the problem.

“We have been working to secure pedestrian improvements along Greenway Lane for a long time, so the start of this work is extremely welcome. Extending the pavements, particularly at the junction with Entry Hill, will improve safety for local people and pupils walking to school at Beechen Cliff. I also hope that the work to be undertaken as part of the bus lane improvements on the Wellsway to prevent right-turns into Greenway Lane will also reduce the number of cars using the road as a rat-run.”