Victory for Keynsham residents as new street lights installed

Improved street lighting has been installed on a number of residential roads in south Keynsham following action by the area’s local councillor Alan Hale. 

As part of a money-saving drive Bath and North East Somerset Council, new energy efficient street lighting were installed last year on a number of roads in Keynsham.

However, following their installation, a number of complaints were raised by residents of Park Road and Maple Walk over the low level of lighting in parts of the area.  In Park Road concerns centred over a stretch of footpath where the illumination from the new lighting was very low, whilst in Maple Walk a significant area was left in nearly complete darkness, leading to fears by residents over the safety of walking along the streets at night.

After numerous attempts by local residents to press for action from B&NES to address the situation, the area’s local councillor Alan Hale stepped in to try and broker a solution to the problem.  Following some negotiation between the Council’s Street Lighting team and Councillor Hale, it was agreed that new lampposts would be put in place to address residents’ concerns.

Councillor Hale (Cons, Keynsham South), welcomed the action from the Council, saying:

“Clearly as a Council we need to save money and be more energy efficient, which is what the new street lighting aims to achieve.  However we must ensure that we do not leave residents vulnerable by the change or afraid to walk along their street after dark. 

“I was therefore very pleased to be able to help residents in finding a solution to the issue.  I know that local people are pleased with the outcome we were able to secure, and that the improved street lighting now in place has resolved local concerns.”