Toilet cuts protest hailed ‘great success’

The protest held in Bath’s Parade Gardens today, Friday 15th August, against the Council’s closures and cuts to public toilets has been hailed a ‘great success’ by the Leader of the Council’s opposition Conservative Group.

Conservative Leader Cllr Tim Warren thanked the organisers of the protest for helping to demonstrate the strength of feeling amongst local residents against the Council’s toilet closure programme.

Councillor Tim Warren said:

“The protest was a great success, with residents and campaigners from across the political spectrum joining together to demonstrate our strength of public feeling against the Council’s cuts and closures of public toilets. It was just a shame that none of the Council’s Lib Dem leadership turned up to listen to what local people had to say.

“The Council has so far pushed ahead with these toilet closures despite huge opposition from local residents and without any heed to the needs of local communities. Let’s just hope that the strength of feeling shown at this protest forces the Council to stop and listen.

“When B&NES is spending £2.3 million on a private maintenance contract for the toilets, it seems perverse that it is cutting back on provision at the same time. Bringing more of the toilets up to a more modern standard are welcome, but there must be adequate provision and there’s no reason that a cut in provision has to come alongside it.”