Teamwork means clean stream for Widcombe

Local residents have teamed-up to organise the cleaning of a local stream running through the Widcombe area of Bath. With the support of local councillor Brook Whelan (Con, Widcombe), residents have come together to raise funds for much needed silt-clearing from Lyn Brook, which runs parallel to Prior Park Rd.

Conservative Councillor Brook Whelan has donated £2,500 to the stream cleaning project as part of the ‘Councillors Initiative’ pilot scheme, whereby each ward councillor is allocated £4,000 to spend on their local community.

Thanks to this support, and donations from various other sources, residents say they are now on track to securing the £8,000 needed for the project.

Cllr Whelan chose to use the remaining £1,500 of his Councillors Initiative allowance to support the Widcombe Rising event.

Cllr Whelan (Con, Widcombe) commented:

“I’m really pleased to be able to lend this support to a project of such importance to local residents. This stream has been in need of cleaning for a long time and this local project is a testament to what can be achieved with teamwork. The work will make the Lyn Brook stream even more attractive for local people and hopefully the risk of flooding will also be reduced.

“Devolving money to the local level like the Councillors Initiative scheme does means local councillors can support neighbourhood projects like this, which is fantastic. I was also very pleased to be able to help the popular Widcombe Rising event with the remainder of my allocated funds.”