‘Shock and anger’ at attempt to derail plans to bring carnival to Midsomer Norton

An attempt to pave the way for a major Carnival event to return to Midsomer Norton has been blocked by Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors.

During B&NES Council’s budget-setting meeting last week, Lib Dem and Labour councillors joined forces to vote down a Conservative proposal which would have earmarked the funding needed to undertake the road alterations necessary to allow the carnival to pass through the centre of Midsomer Norton.

The £45,000 asked for would have been used to fund adjustments to the traffic light island outside Midsomer Norton Town Hall as well as widen the road at the top of the High Street, thereby enabling the carnival floats to drive through the town centre.

Councillors in Midsomer Norton have been left shocked and angered by the actions of the Labour politicians, which they have branded as ‘pointless political game-playing’.  However, the town’s councillors have promised not to give up on the idea, vowing to keep up to fight to bring the carnival to Midsomer Norton and for the funding required for the necessary road alterations.

Councillor Paul Myers (Cons, Midsomer Norton Redfield), who tabled the proposal at the B&NES Council meeting, said:

“Whatever the ins and outs of B&NES Council politics, we’ve been pushing for over a year to adjust the traffic light island outside the Town Hall as well as the pavement at the top of the High Street in order to try and bring back a world class Carnival event, not just to Midsomer Norton but Westfield and Radstock as well.”

Councillor Chris Watt (Cons, Midsomer Norton Redfield), who seconded the motion, added:

“The Lib Dems in Bath can perhaps be excused for not understanding the magic of bringing the full Carnival back to Midsomer Norton.  However, I find it incredible that local Labour politicians are prepared to cut off their noses to spite a genuine attempt to do the right thing for local people here in the Somer Valley. This is pointless political game-playing at its worst, and those who lose out are the ordinary folk of Midsomer Norton.

“Nevertheless, the ultimate objective remains the same, and I genuinely welcome Paul Crossley and David Belotti’s words at the Council meeting to the effect that they will try and help.  Let’s hope B&NES can cut through the politics and get this sorted rather than us having to start raising petitions to get them to look at this.”