Senior Councillor pledges new shops for Town Hall redevelopment

B&NES Cabinet Member and local Keynsham Councillor Charles Gerrish has pledged to secure provision for new shops as part of long-awaited plans to redevelop Keynsham’s Town Hall site.

Cllr Gerrish has also said that the Council will be doing all it can to help shops currently located in the town centre to find alternative premises.

The Conservative Cabinet on B&NES Council recently gave the go-ahead to plans which will see the 1960’s Town Hall site in the centre of Keynsham completely redeveloped. Plans will include new Council offices and a new state-of the-art library for the town centre, as well as retail.

Conservatives have said that the Council’s commitment to new offices and improving the centre of the town is crucial to the future economic growth of Keynsham, and have said that retail provision should form a key part of this.

Councillor Charles Gerrish (Cons, Keynsham North), Cabinet Member for Customer Services, said:

“The plans to redevelop Keynsham’s Town Hall site will be a real boost to our town and help ensure a thriving local economy for the future. Residents I’ve spoken with have expressed how glad they are that after so many years moves are finally being made to give us a town centre to be proud of. The new library in particular will be a major asset to our town.

“As the plans for the site come forward it’s extremely important that the Council does what it can to work with shop owners in the current site to help them relocate. I have also secured the commitment of the Cabinet to ensuring retail premises remain as part of the new development, as we believe this is crucial to creating a development that is integrated with the town centre.

“These are exciting plans for Keynsham’s future and show the Conservatives’ commitment to our town, but we must now make sure the plans meet the aspirations of Keynsham residents.”