Saltford station campaign – calls for Council consultation

Conservative councillors representing Saltford have called on B&NES Council to undertake a full public consultation into proposals to reopen the village’s train station.

A public meeting was held last Thursday, 25 October, to give residents the chance to discuss the idea and question Council officers on the feasibility of the plans.

The meeting heard a range of views on the proposal, including from those campaigning for the station to be reopened as well as residents living near the site who raised concerns about the impact on traffic and parking.

At the meeting, Conservative councillor Francine Haeberling called for a public consultation to take place in Saltford to ascertain the level of support for the plans and address the concerns raised.

Following the meeting, Cllr Haeberling said:

“It was a very interesting meeting which revealed a number concerns from residents in Saltford about the plans which have not so far been addressed, as well as highlighting the arguments in favour of reopening our train station.

“There were clearly some very strong views on both sides of the debate at the meeting, and many questions which need to be answered.  There is a evidently a long way to go before many issues can be ironed out, including funding and feasibility, particularly in relation to parking and traffic.

“As a result, Councillor Blankley and I believe that B&NES needs to undertake a full public consultation on the proposals with every household in Saltford, to assess the level of support amongst the village, how widely used the new station would be, and address any concerns people may have. This needs to be done sooner rather than later, to gauge support before proceeding further.”