Road safety campaign launched in Clutton

Local councillor Steve Willcox (Con) has joined with local residents in Clutton to call for new road safety measures to be installed along the busy A37 through the village.

The village in North East Somerset has seen several accidents on the A37 running through it, including one recent accident involving a pedestrian. Local residents have been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing to be installed at the spot and Clutton Councillor Steve Willcox (Con), along with Clutton Parish Council, has called upon Bath and North East Somerset Council to take action.

Following discussions with the council’s Highways department, Cllr Willcox has secured £80,000 for the project and the council has agreed to begin formal
consultation on plans with local residents.

Cllr Willcox (Cons, Clutton) said:

“This is a very dangerous stretch of road which many local residents regularly have to cross. I have joined with local residents and the Parish Council to call for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on the A37 running through our village to help improve the situation.

“I am extremely pleased to hear that following this campaign funding for the scheme has now been secured. I understand that if consultation goes well then the crossing should be in action by next year, though the sooner the better.”

It is hoped that a traffic light controlled crossing between Station Road and The Tynings on the A37 in Clutton would improve safety for pedestrians, particularly those accessing the football ground, bus stop and pub. It is also hoped that the junction could slow traffic driving through the small village.