Resurfacing set for notorious Chew Valley road

The Wells Road near Dundry is set to be resurfaced this year, North Somerset Council has confirmed.

The news comes after Conservative councillors in the Chew Valley wrote to the neighbouring authority raising concerns about the poor state of the road, which is used by many drivers as a popular route into Bristol from the Chew Valley.

Responding to their letter, North Somerset’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Highways, Cllr Elfan Ap Rees, confirmed that the Council had earmarked the road for resurfacing in the current financial year, with work expected to start in the next six weeks.

The letter to North Somerset Council was signed by Bath and North East Somerset councillors Vic Pritchard (Chew Valley South),Liz Richardson (Chew Valley North) and Tim Warren (Mendip), who raised the issue following after Parish Councils and residents highlighted the deteriorating state of the road.

The councillors have welcomed the announcement by North Somerset Council, which has put an additional £1.3 million into road improvements and gully clearing this year.

Cllr Vic Pritchard (Cons, Chew Valley South) said:

“This is really good news, I know that residents in the Chew Valley will be very pleased to hear that this road is set to be resurfaced in the coming weeks. It’s used by many local people as main route into Bristol and its condition has worsened significantly over a significant period, with some particularly dangerous potholes.

“We’re grateful for the swift response we received to our letter from our neighbours in North Somerset. We welcome their decision to put much needed additional resources into highway and gully maintenance this year, we just wish that B&NES would follow their lead. We had pressed B&NES to put an extra £1 million into improving local roads this year, but unfortunately this was rejected by Lib Dem and Labour councillors.”