Residents urged to give views as bus services put ‘at risk’

A number of bus services run with financial support from Bath and North East Somerset Council could be at risk of being cut, residents in the area have been warned.
The Liberal Democrat-run authority is asking residents, bus users and Parish Councils for their views on proposals which could see some of the Council’s bus subsidies ended or reduced.

As part of the consultation, which runs until the 12th December, a number of bus services which the Council says are poorly used or not good value for money have been put on an ‘at risk’ notice.

The authority’s opposition Conservative councillors have raised concerns that not enough residents have been made aware of the potential changes and are urging people in Bath and North East Somerset to send in their views.

Cllr Tim Warren, the Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“Many people rely upon local bus services to go about their daily lives, particularly elder residents and the less able.  Ending or reducing any bus service could have a major impact on these bus users, particular if there are no decent alternatives, and so any decision should not be taken lightly.

“As a principle, we believe the Council has a responsibility to ensure there are bus services available to the isolated parts of the area or to places which are poorly served by commercial operators.

“Unfortunately, the Council has not stated what level of saving it is looking to achieve, so it’s hard to know how many of these services on the ‘at risk’ list could ultimately be affected.  If the Council does need to make savings from its bus contracts then it should be looking at all bus services from the ground up to see if routes can be better designed to ensure provision is maintained across the authority.”

Bus routes potentially affected by the consultation include:

  • The 30-minute frequency on the 6 & 7 route between Bath city centre, Fairfield Park and Larkhall;
  • The 30-minute frequency on the number 1 service between Coombe Down and Bath city centre;
  • Late evening services on the 14A;
  • The 665 service in Saltford and Keynsham;
  • The 507 service from Keynsnsham to Southmead;
  • The 533 service from Keynsham to Mangotsfield;
  • Sunday and evening service on the 179 route from Bath to Midsomer Norton via Timsbury;
  • The Tuesday 668 & 636 service;
  • The 700, 716 and 734 service in Bath;
  • The daily service on the 67 bus between Bristol and the Chew Valley;
  • The evening service on the 672 bus between Bristol and the Chew Valley;
  • Sunday and evening services on the 265 service from Bath to Warminster;
  • Evening services on the 267 bus from Bath to Frome;
  • Late evening services on the 338 service from Bath to Keynsham.
  • The weekly 791 & 793 service between Bath and Weston-super-Mare via Midsomer Norton.

Residents can take part in the consultation by visiting  and emailing .