Residents invited to Chew Valley Core Strategy event

Residents in the Chew Valley are invited to attend a drop-in event organised by Conservative councillors to discuss Bath and North East Somerset Council’s draft Core Strategy.

The event is taking place on Friday 3rd May from 5pm to 8:30pm in Temple Cloud village hall. All residents from across the Chew Valley and Mendips invited to attend the meeting, where they will be able to give their views on the Council’s plans to local councillors and receive information on how to respond to the Council’s official consultation.

The meeting has been called by Conservative councillors after villages in the Chew Valley were left off the Liberal Democrat-run Council’s programme of official consultation events.

Conservative Deputy Leader, Cllr Tim Warren (Mendip), said:

“The purpose of this event is to give residents in the Chew Valley and Mendips the chance to tell us, as their local councillors, what they think of the Council’s plans. Whilst this won’t be one of the Council’s official consultation events, we will be able to provide information on how residents can find out more about the Core Strategy and give their feedback to the Council. We’ve asked for one of the Council’s planning officers to attend, but are yet to have confirmation on whether they will be available.”

The Core Strategy is the document which forms the basis for all planning decisions by the local authority. The Council organised a number of public meetings across B&NES to give residents the chance to find out more about the area’s draft Core Strategy. However, despite pressure from Conservative councillors in the area, B&NES said it would not be arranging an event in the Chew Valley.

Chew Valley councillor Liz Richardson (Cons, Chew Valley North), who has helped organise the meeting, said:

“Even though the Core Strategy states that rural areas within B&NES will need to accommodate eight hundred new homes over the next sixteen years, the Council said it would not organise a consultation event here in the Chew Valley.

“Whilst there is no proposal for large-scale development within the Chew Valley or Mendips, some local villages will be expected to grow by between fifteen and fifty new houses over the next sixteen years.

“We felt that, given the importance of this document to all parts of Bath and North East Somerset, it was only right for Chew Valley residents to be given the chance to give their views. That’s why we decided to organise this event.”