Residents asked to list shopping needs for local Tesco store

Local residents in the Weston area of Bath are being asked to list items they would like to see stocked in their local Tesco store to present to the company’s management.

Weston Councillors Malcolm Lees and Colin Barrett (Cons) are asking local people to provide them with examples of the sorts of items they wish to see stocked in their local store and which residents currently say are lacking. The request comes as Colin and Malcolm continue to collect signatures for a petition calling on the area’s Tesco Express store to stock more of the ‘day to day’ items which were previously sold when the store was run by Somerfield.

Malcolm and Colin have organised the petition following complaints by local shoppers that the Tesco Express store stocks too many snack items more akin to a service station or city-centre store, while day-to-day cooking ingredients are hard to get hold of.

Alongside the petition, Malcolm and Colin will also send a list of items to Tesco which residents have said they wish to see stocked.

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) said:

“We have had a very strong response to the petition which has been going round the village for the past week. In order to be as helpful to Tesco management as possible, we are also asking residents if they can provide us with examples of items they would like their local store to stock. We will then collate these into a list to send alongside the petition calling for a greater range of day-to-day items.

“I’m very keen to hear from residents on this and I would ask any who have suggestions to email them to me at or ring me on 01225 336449.”