Public meeting sparks new road safety campaign following previous success

A public meeting in Larkhall last Thursday saw strong debate over the need for road safety measures to be introduced on residential roads in the area. Lambridge Councillor Bryan Chalker (Con) organised the public meeting with local residents Sharon White, Mike Swindells and Richard Young at the Brain’s Surgery pub to discuss road safety in the area.

Dozens of residents turned up to discuss the hot topic and it was concluded that local Councillors Richard Maybury (Con, Lambridge) and Bryan Chalker would organise a petition to call on traffic officers to investigate what road safety measures could be implemented to calm traffic along Brooklyn Road and Eldon Place.

This follows news that their previous calls to address the problems of the Ferndale Road and Deadmill Lane rush-hour rat-run have been a success. As part of the investment Conservatives in B&NES are putting into the Transport Capital Programme, work is due to start in the new year on traffic calming along Ferndale Rd and Deadmill Lane, including a one-way system to reduce the number of cars using it as a rat-run to avoid London Road. It is also planned that the extra money invested in the Safer Routes to School scheme will mean the entrance to Eldon Place will get a raised table to calm traffic.

Local residents have welcomed the news that concerns about Deadmill lane and Ferndale Road have been acted on and have are now getting behind the campaign to calm traffic along Brooklyn Road.

Councillor Chalker commented:

“It’s great news that our concerns over the Deadmill Lane rat-run have been listened to and that the investment is going in to deal with it. We are now organising a petition to present to traffic officers about our concerns at the speed cars drive along Brooklyn Road and Eldon Place at rush hour, both of which are small residential roads. 

“There isn’t one easy solution to road safety and different action needs to get taken at different spots. In the case of Deadmill Lane it needs to become one-way, but in the case of Brooklyn Road I believe it needs to be made 20mph. I have been informed that as part of the Conservatives’ commitment to the Safer Routes to School scheme, the entrance to Eldon Place is planned to get a ‘raised table’ to calm traffic which is great news. Strong views were expressed at the public meeting and I hope out campaign for Brooklyn Road is just as successful as the others.”

Cllr Richard Maybury added:

“I’m very pleased that work should start on Ferndale Road and Deadmill Lane soon as these are notorious rush-hour rat-runs. Many drivers use residential back-roads to avoid the traffic on the London Rd which makes them dangerous for local people. A Park and Ride east of Bath should reduce congestion on the London Road significantly and I hope that this would reduce the need to use back-roads as rat-runs.”