Progress on Residents’ Parking campaign

Local residents and Councillors in the Camden area of Bath have welcomed progress towards introducing a Residents’ Parking scheme in the area. Conservative Councillors in the area joined with local residents to call on the Council to look into providing additional Residents Parking Zones in Lansdown to improve parking in the area.

Proposals for the Residents’ Parking Zone Camden are now being formally consulted on by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Local Councillors Anthony Clarke and David Hawkins (Cons), whose ward of Lansdown includes Camden, have welcomed the progress being made after joining with local residents to campaign for the parking zone.

Local residents in the area have complained that nearby Residents’ Parking Zones have resulted in more commuters using the Camden area to park in during the day.

Conservatives in Bath have also welcomed moves to create additional residents parking in other areas of the city, including Walcott.

Cllr Anthony Clarke (Cons, Lansdown) said:

“It’s very welcome that the Council is finalising proposals to create some additional Residents’ Parking Zones in the city. This should alleviate the problems many residents still have with commuter parking, and is something local Conservatives have long argued for.”

Cllr David Hawkins (Cons, Lansdown) added:

“The Camden area, which myself and Cllr Clarke represent, has long be plagued by commuters using the area as free parking. This makes it especially difficult for those who work shifts to find parking spaces. If the consultation goes well and most residents prove favourable to extending the Residents Parking Zone into Camden, I’m hopeful the scheme can be in place by the end of the year.”