Petition presented over St John’s Court parking problems

A petition signed by 54 people has been presented to B&NES Council’s Cabinet calling on the council to take action to address residential parking problems in St John’s Court in Keynsham.

The petition was organised by local residents with the support of Conservative councillors Charles Gerrish and Brian Simmons (Keynsham North), and was presented to the Cabinet by Cllr Simmons at the B&NES public meeting last week.

The petition calls on the authority’s Liberal Democrat Cabinet to look into possible ways of preventing staff at the nearby Tesco store parking on the residential road and taking up residential parking bays. The road is currently part public highway owned by B&NES and part private highway owned by Somer Housing, who have already put up signs saying it is residents’ parking only. However, residents remain concerned that these signs are being ignored and are calling for greater enforcement.

Councillor Brian Simmons (Cons, Keynsham North) said:

“Residents of St John’s Court have faced parking problems since the opening of the new Tesco store. This is despite the fact that part of the road is privately owned and signs have been put up stating that it is residents’ parking only. These signs are being ignored, causing parking misery for residents.

“I was happy to present this petition on behalf of local residents calling on the Council to take action to ensure residents of St John’s Court are given priority to park in bays at their homes. There are also a large number of elderly residents in St John’s Court who require home visits from social and health services, so parking outside is essential. The parking problems have also made it difficult for waste collection lorries to get into St John’s Court. We hope that this petition will galvanise the Council into action and work with residents to resolve this problem.”