Petition launched to save Larkhall bus service

A campaign to save a local bus service from cuts is gathering steam with local councillors in Larkhall collecting signatures for a petition to save the numbers 6 and 7 service serving the area.

Lambridge Conservative Councillors Bryan Chalker and Richard Maybury are supporting local residents in a campaign to save the circular 6 and 7 service from changes planned by First Bus. The changes would mean there is no longer a direct bus service between Larkhall and Fairfield Park.

The councillors are now collecting signatures for a petition which is also being distributed throughout shops in Larkhall over the weekend for local residents to sign. The petition calls on First to reverse its decision and continue providing the circular service currently in operation. It adds that if First refuses this request then the council should consult with other bus operators on the potential for them to take on a similar route.

Cllr Bryan Chalker (Cons, Lambridge) said:

“Yet again we have First Bus cutting our local services and ignoring local people and their own passengers. This company is fast becoming known as ‘Farce Bus’ in the local area. First still has time to listen to our concerns and reverse this decision, which will be so damaging to local residents who have no other form of transport and for the elderly.”

Fellow Lambridge councillor Richard Maybury (Cons, Lambridge) added:

“Many residents have contacted me since hearing about these planned service changes and a lot are outraged by First’s actions. We have drawn up this petition to show the strength of feeling amongst local people in the area about the importance of this bus service. There is a clear need for a direct service between Larkhall and Fairfield Park and if First won’t provide it then we think it is worth seeing if other operators may.”

Bryan and Richard have said that if any residents wish to have a copy of the petition for their friends and family to sign then they should contact them on their telephone numbers published on the council website.


The petition is worded as follows:


We, the undersigned, call on First Bus to reverse its decision to cut the route of the 6 and 7 bus service serving Larkhall and Fairfield Park. The changes planned by First will mean that there will no longer by any bus services between Larkhall and Fairfield Park. This cut in service will leave many local people, especially the elderly and those without a car, with no way of getting between these two destinations without an unnecessarily long trip to change buses in the city centre. If First Bus is unwilling to alter this decision, we ask the council to consult other bus operators on the possibility of an alternative service.