Petition demands reinstatement of School Crossing Patrol

A petition has been launched calling for the reinstatement of a school crossing patrol at Camerton Primary School.

The petition was started by the area’s local Councillor David Veale (Bathavon West), who is also a governor at the school, after B&NES Council decided not to employ a replacement for the previous crossing patrol, who retired this summer.

In a move criticised as a ‘petty cost-cutting exercise’ by Councillor Veale, Lib Dem-run B&NES has said that the school no longer meets the authority’s criteria to qualify for the Crossing Patrol, despite the fact the school has had a patrol for many years, and with the Council’s own figures showing it will only save the authority around £2,500 a year.

Councillor Veale has joined with local parents at the school in calling for the crossing patrol to be reinstated due to the poor visibility and speed of traffic along the main road through the village on which the school is situated.

Over a hundred local parents and residents have already signed the petition since Councillor Veale began collecting signatures last Saturday, 20th September, with the Councillor hoping to gather more over coming days.

Councillor David Veale (Cons, Bathavon West) said:

“At the end of the school holidays this summer B&NES suddenly informed us that it was no longer going to provide a crossing patrol for Camerton Primary School.  The Council gave no prior warning of this, so this decision came as quite a shock to both the school and local parents.

“Camerton Primary isn’t a large school, but it is situated on a busy road, which has poor visibility due to the fact it is on a hill.  The lady who was our crossing patrol here for many years did a tremendous job and we wish her well in her retirement.  We had expected B&NES to find a replacement, but they are trying to push the cost onto the already hard-pressed school instead. 

“Everyone I’ve spoken to in the village agrees a crossing patrol is needed in Camerton and the petition is receiving strong support.  Hopefully it’ll make B&NES listen to our concerns and rethink its stance.”