Outrage at further residents parking delay

Planned new Residents Parking zones in Weston, Newbridge and Lansdown may not be implemented for at least another year, B&NES Council has confirmed.

An implementation timetable released by Liberal Democrat-run B&NES reveals that Residents Parking proposals for Lansdown are not set to be implemented until the start of 2013, while Newbridge and Weston will have to wait until late 2013 or even 2014 for their plans to be put in place.  This timetable comes despite the fact that residents were consulted on the plans over a year ago.


The Council has, however, published plans to implement parking restrictions in parts of Weston and Newbridge, including double and single yellow lines.


Conservative councillors in Weston and Lansdown have reacted angrily to the news and have called on the Council to bring the plans forward.


Weston Councillor Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) said:


“The currently proposed parking restrictions were only meant to be one part of the solution to residents parking problems in Weston.  We are at a loss as to why the Council has put the planned Residents Parking Zones on hold for so long.  This latest timetable is completely unacceptable.


“The residents parking zones were consulted on over a year ago now and the clear majority of residents in the area believe they are desperately needed.  People are becoming increasingly angry at the continued delay and the council should implement them as a matter of urgency.”


Cllr Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) added:


“We’re outraged at this latest delay and will be continuing to put pressure on the Lib Dem Cabinet Member for Transport to bring these plans forward.  It’s a disgrace that people have been kept in the dark over the future of the plans by the Council.  Whatever happened to the promise of listening to the needs of residents?”


Cllr Tony Clarke, whose ward of Lansdown is also waiting for Residents Parking to be introduced, commented:


“There has been a complete lack of consultation and transparency from the Council over the status of these planned residents parking zones. We are frankly bewildered by the attitude taken by the Cabinet Member and the length of time it has taken to produce this timetable. The issue seems quite straight forward: residents have said they want the schemes implemented, so the Council should get on and do it, not in another year’s time. Residents have been waiting too long.”