Opposition voiced to Park Road parking restrictions

Residents of Park Road in Keynsham have voiced their opposition to plans to install double yellow lines along the stretch of the road.

Bath and North East Somerset Council is planning to install the lines as part of the K2 housing development at the end of Park Road, for which building work is expected to commence soon.

The yellow lines would be installed along a stretch of the road running from corner of Dunster Road along Park Road to the entrance of the K2 development site.  Residents in the area have lodged objections to the plans, saying that they would cause increased parking problems in the residential area.

Local councillors Kate Simmons and Alan Hale have supported the residents’ objections.

Cllr Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) said:

“This is a very contentious issue which has resulted from the K2 housing development. The developers have always claimed that there would be no more traffic from the development than already exists from the units at the farm that it replaces. So our objection is that if that is the case why do we now need double yellow lines?  This will only cause further problems for local residents, who already have the prospect of construction lorries using Park Road.”

Cllr Kate Simmons (Cons, Keynsham South) added:

“We would urge any resident in the area concerned about this proposal to send in their objections to the Council.  Last year B&NES dropped plans for a Residents Parking zones on the basis of just three objections, so on that basis these yellow lines should not go ahead if a number of objections are lodged.”

The Traffic Regulation Order is currently scheduled for a decision by the Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Lib Dem Councillor Roger Symonds, in August.  Residents can send in their comments to transportation@bathnes.gov.uk