New handrails to be installed at Keynsham Civic Centre steps

Additional handrails are set to be installed on the steps in the new Keynsham Civic Centre to improve safety for pedestrians.

The handrails are being installed following concerns raised by a number of residents over the safety of the steps, including Councillor Alan Hale, who himself fell whilst walking down the steps outside the Bonzo Lounge in the new centre a few weeks ago.

A constituent, who is blind, first raised concerns regarding the safety of the steps with Councillor Hale after hearing that others had fallen there.  The concerns centre around the fact the steps slope away at an angle which can’t be easily seen when approaching the them.

However, following discussions between Councillor Hale and the Council’s project management officers, the Council has said it will install additional handrails and continue to monitor the situation to see whether the modifications have improved safety.

Councillor Alan Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) said:

“I’m pleased that Council officers have listened to our concerns over these steps and have worked quickly to find a way to improve the situation.  A number of residents have raised concerns with me over the design of the steps, particularly elderly residents and those registered blind or partially sighted.

“I myself experienced these problems when I first went to visit the site and ended up tripping over.  Once these additional rails are in place it’ll be important for the Council to continue to monitor the situation to ensure they have improved safety in the way expected.”