New Bath to Bristol Airport bus welcomed

Conservative councillors have welcomed the news that a new direct bus service is to be established between Bath and Bristol Airport.

The service is to be operated by the Bath Bus Company and will start in March and run once an hour between Bath city centre and the airport, also calling at Saltford and Keynsham.

Conservatives have welcomed the news having previously called for such a service to be introduced by Bristol Airport to help alleviate the amount of traffic which travels through the area to the airport.

Chew Valley councillor Liz Richardson has said she is delighted at the announcement, having pledged to campaign for a direct bus service during the Council by-election last November.

Cllr Richardson (Cons, Chew Valley North) said:

“This is absolutely brilliant news. Having a direct bus service from Bath to Bristol Airport is something which has been needed for many years. Hopefully it will help reduce the number of cars which use the Chew Valley as a route through to Bristol Airport from Bath and the surrounding area.

“I also hope that the service will be priced at a level to encourage people to use the bus instead of their cars and attracts families and groups of travellers.”

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Francine Haeberling (Saltford) added:

“This new service will have a great benefit for our area, both in terms of cutting traffic and making it easier for local residents to get to Bristol Airport. It will finally make it possible for people in Bath, Saltford and Keynsham to get to Bristol Airport without having to resort to the car or getting the bus to Temple Meads first.”