‘Midsomer Norton missing out’ say Conservative councillors

Conservative councillors in Midsomer Norton have pledged to challenge B&NES Council to do more to support regeneration in the town and invest in the Somer Valley’s local economy.

At last week’s Budget Council meeting, Conservative councillors representing Midsomer Norton expressed their dismay at the fact the town is being side-lined by the council’s Labour-backed Lib Dem administration. Conservatives argued that as the economic centre of the Somer Valley, Midsomer Norton has strong potential for growth and job creation, yet is missing out on vital council investment.

They have pointed to the £0.5 million investment in the budget for the regeneration of Radstock town centre and £0.5 million put into improving Bath’s London Road as examples of the type of investment Midsomer Norton is currently not receiving.

Conservative councillors have promised to step-up their campaign to support Midsomer Norton’s town centre and create new local employment and will take their argument to Bath’s Guildhall.

Midsomer Norton Councillor Paul Myers (Cons, MSN Redfield) said:

“It’s been nearly a year now since Labour councillors put the Liberal Democrats back in charge of B&NES Council, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Midsomer Norton is being side-lined. When the Conservatives were at the helm on B&NES, investment was delivered in both Midsomer Norton and Radstock, such as the new Writhlington School, the new Somer Valley adventure play park, the Greenacres elderly persons complex, Midsomer Norton Primary School, and more besides.

“Yet now, just when our town needs an economic boost, Midsomer Norton is missing out on investment and council support. This is not acceptable and we will be fighting to secure our town’s fair share. It’s not simply about Midsomer Norton, it’s the economic future of the whole Somer Valley we are talking about here.”

Commenting on future plans for Midsomer Norton which B&NES Council could be supporting, Cllr Michael Evans (MSN North) said:

“Of course it’s essential that B&NES supports the regeneration of Radstock town centre, and it’s important for investment to continue in Bath as it’s our area’s main economic driver, but this doesn’t mean that Midsomer Norton has to completely miss out on its slice funding too. We want B&NES to be working proactively with us on key projects such as improving our High Street and providing more space for new businesses to create jobs, such as the innovative project at the Somer Valley Enterprise Park.”