Midsomer Norton ‘controlled drinking zone’ green-light welcomed

Councillors in Midsomer Norton have welcomed the news that B&NES Council has given the go-ahead for a ‘controlled drinking zone’ to be created in Midsomer Norton town centre.

The town’s Conservative councillors backed the campaign for the Designated Public Place Order to be introduced and managed to secure cross-party agreement for the proposals at a B&NES Full Council meeting last November.

The new Designated Public Place Order will come into force from the 29th March after being given the final sign-off by B&NES. The Order will mean that local police have the power to confiscate street-drinkers if they are deemed to be causing a public nuisance.

Councillor Barry Macrae (Cons, Midsomer Norton North) commented:

“It’s great to see this initiative finally given the green-light by B&NES, having secured cross-party agreement from last year for the plans to go ahead. This is something which residents in Midsomer Norton have said they support in order to control street drinking and ensure a safe and pleasant night-time atmosphere in our town.

“This measure is not designed to infringe upon those who drink responsibly, but does give the local police another tool to control anti-social behaviour with the power to confiscate drinks from anyone causing a problem. I’m pleased to see that our efforts, as well as those of the Community Alcohol Partnership, come to fruition.”