Midsomer Norton businesses unable to access superfast Broadband

Businesses in Midsomer Norton are finding that they are unable to access the town’s superfast broadband network because they are ‘too close’ to the internet exchanges, it has emerged.

Some employers in the town have warned that they may be forced to move out of Midsomer Norton if they are not able to access superfast broadband.

The problem has arisen despite BT’s upgrading of Midsomer Norton’s broadband services as part of the company’s ‘Infinity’ programme, which had promised superfast broadband speeds throughout the town. Although superfast broadband has been installed at the Midsomer Norton exchange, businesses located closest to it are still unable to access superfast broadband, and have been told by BT that there is no solution to the problem.

However, the town’s Chamber of Commerce has said it believes a simple answer would be to install ‘street cabinet’ immediately outside the exchange which would make superfast broadband available to Midsomer Norton’s business community. Conservative councillors in Midsomer Norton have called on B&NES Council and BT to work together to resolve the problem urgently before businesses are lost in the town.

Cllr Chris Watt (Cons, MSN Redfield) said:

“There is a certain irony in that fact that the very businesses which need to access superfast broadband not being able to ‘because they are too close to the exchange’. When BT upgraded the exchanges they promised, with much fanfare, that this would deliver superfast broadband to businesses and residents throughout our town. They now need to live up to this promise. Access to fast, reliable broadband internet is crucial to modern businesses and especially the high-tech and creative industries which we want to encourage more of in Midsomer Norton.

“We are pressing BT and B&NES Council to ensure all businesses in Midsomer Norton, including Eye-Tech and Somer Valley FM, have access to the superfast broadband network to ensure that employers are able to remain in our town and grow their businesses here.”