Local Councillors welcome saving of 20A and 20C route – Multi-operator scheme to be investigated further by Council

Local Councillors have welcomed news that a new contact has been signed with bus company Wessex Connect to save the 20A and 20C bus service. Conservative Councillors have welcomed the arrival of Wessex Connect as giving more choice to bus users in Bath. There are also plans for Wessex to begin operating additional services in the city, including a ‘U18’ service to run between Bath University and Lower Oldfield Park.

Weston’s Conservative Councillors, Malcolm Lees and Colin Barrett, asked the council to look into the possibility of establishing a ticket system which can be used by passengers on all operators’ buses to make bus travel easier and encourage more bus companies to establish routes. It has now been confirmed that the council will work on investigating this idea.

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Con, Weston) commented:

“The news that Wessex Connect has agreed to take on the running of the 20A and 20C bus route will be very good news to residents in Weston and the many parts of Bath which the route serves. I would like to thank the hard work that the Cabinet Member and officers have put in since First announced its service cuts.

Cllr Colin Barrett (Con, Weston) added:

“I’m very pleased that the suggestion made by Conservative Councillors on introducing a multi-operator ticket system is to be investigated further. This would mean passengers are able to use one ticket for trips on different operators’ buses. First’s service cuts have been a blow to local communities, but we can now use this opportunity to encourage new operators in the city and increase choice for passengers.”