Local Councillors pledge support for Saltford’s Brass Mill

Saltford councillors Francine Haebelring and Gordon Wood (Cons) have pledged support for improvement works to the Brass Mill in Saltford. An important piece of heritage, the Mill is the only surviving building still with a furnace and working water wheel remaining from a group of eighteenth century mills making brass and copper goods in the Avon Valley between Bristol and Bath.

Following a visit to the Brass Mill last Saturday, Cllr Haeberling said she intends to donate some money towards improvement works at the local attraction from her individual Councillor’s budget. Cllr Haeberling has said she plans use somewhere in the region of £1,000 from the ‘Councillors Initiative’ scheme, which allows local councillors their own individual £4,000 budget to spend on local projects.

Cllr Gordon Wood (Con, Saltford) commented:

“Saltford’s Brass Mill is an important local attraction which I would be really proud to help support. It is important that we cherish our local history and I would encourage local residents to visit the Brass Mill to get a taste of Saltford’s past.”

Cllr Francine Haeberling (Con, Saltford) added:

“We introduced the ‘Councillors Initiative’ scheme to allow local ward Members the freedom of their own individual budget to help support projects which might otherwise struggle for funding. I plan on using about £1,000 of my allocation to support the Brass Mill, particularly helping to pay for improvement works needed on the roof. It is a unique piece of heritage, not just locally but nationally, so it is great to be able to support it this way.”