Keynsham Transport Strategy – ‘Lack of detail means more work needed’

Conservative councillors in Keynsham are encouraging the town’s residents to give their views on a draft Transport Strategy for the town published by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The town’s Conservative councillors, who were the first to call for a transport strategy to be produced, have said the document represents a ‘step in the right direction’ but have warned that much more work is still needed to flesh-out the proposals and fill in the gaps in the strategy.

Conservatives have voiced disappointment at the lack of detail contained within many parts of the strategy, particularly in terms of improving road links into and out of the town and to the Somerdale development.  They have pledged to work residents build upon and improve the draft strategy.

Keynsham Councillor and Conservative Deputy Leader Charles Gerrish (Keynsham North) said:

“There are elements of these proposals which are to be welcomed, in particular the commitment to improving local rail and looking at ways to increase road capacity at Hicks Gate.

“However, overall this document is disappointing in its lack of detail and will require much more work to turn it into a worthwhile and deliverable strategy.  For instance, it makes no mention of the need for a new road link to the Somerdale site, and contains no proposals to improve road links on increasingly busy routes out of the town such as towards the A37.  The Council needs to set out its long-term transport ambitions in order to secure vital investment in local infrastructure.”

Councillor Alan Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) added:

“As this document recognises, all the new development taking place in Keynsham both currently and in the coming years will place even more strain on our town’s roads and transport system.  In order to cope with this growth significant investment will be needed in local transport, and it’s a shame the Council has been rather slow off the mark in realising this.

“This document takes a step in the right direction, but I think residents will be disappointed at some of the gaps in the strategy and lack of detail, particularly in terms of improving road links south of the town.

“The most important thing now is for residents to get involved, attend the exhibition and give their views so that the final version of this strategy can be strengthened and improved upon.”

Councillor Brian Simmons, who also chairs the Keynsham & District Dial-a-Ride, commented:

“The problem with this strategy is that it still does not really address the disconnection of much of the town from the railway station, or even between different parts of the town.  A lot more could still be done in providing a local minibus system to better link-up parts of the town and the train station.”

The Council is organising two drop-in public events at Keynsham Rugby Club on October 20 and 21, from 4pm – 9pm both days.