Keynsham housing decision ‘massive blow’ to community

A planning application for 280 new homes on outskirts of Keynsham been given the go-ahead by a Planning Inspector. The plans, known as the ‘K2’ development, had been previously turned down by Bath and North East Somerset Council amidst huge opposition from local residents and Councillors.

The development has now been given approval after the developer Taylor Wimpey appealed against the initial refusal of planning permission.

The plans had faced fierce opposition from the local community, with the main concern centring around a lack of proper access to the site. Under the developer’s plans the only access to the site will be through Park Road, a narrow residential road in south Keynsham, leading to local Councillor Alan Hale describing the development as the county’s ‘largest cul-de-sac’.

The area’s Councillors Alan Hale and Kate Simmons (Cons, Keynsham South) have described the Inspector’s verdict as a ‘massive blow’ to the local community.

Cllr Hale said:


“This is desperately bad news for local residents who have campaigned so hard against these half-baked plans and is a massive blow to the local community here. So many people have worked tirelessly to fight this development and it brought the surrounding community together in opposition.


“I have worked with residents here for over four years to try and stop these plans. I continue to believe that the plans as they stand, with only one narrow access along a quiet residential road, are completely unnacceptable and will be continuing to campaign for an alternative access to be constructed.”

Alan and Kate have said that they will be pressing the Council to continue wotking with the developer to secure an alternative access road to site. Cllr Simmons commented:

“Those of us campaigning against these plans do not want to stop the building of new affordable homes for local people. But having only one small access road to such a large development just seems completely non-sensical. Our priority now will be to work with the Council so that efforts to agree an alternative access route to the site continue. We want the Council to keep working with the developers to try and secure a voluntary agreement to build a new access road to the site to relieve the pressure on the residents of Park Road and the surrounding area.”