Keynsham High Street: parties agree on action to fix dangerous road

Councillors on Bath and North East Somerset Council have set out what needs to be done to improve safety on Keynsham High Street.

It follows numerous reports of people tripping and falling over the uneven road surface.

The £1.5m High Street improvement project, which was completed in March, has seen the footpaths widened and resurfaced, cycle lanes added and new street furniture installed. But locals have reported problems with the differing heights of the kerbs, which have caused vulnerable people to trip and fall.

B&NES Council has so far made small attempts to improve safety on the High Street, mainly by installing signs.

But Keynsham’s six B&NES councillors met this week to find a more permanent, cross-party solution.

In order to improve safety for pedestrians, Keynsham’s Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors have called for:

  • The cycle lane to be raised to make it level with the pavement
  • The cycle lane to be painted green so it stands out more clearly
  • The white line that separates the cycle lane to be made thinner so it doesn’t resemble a dropped kerb

While, due to the poor design of the High Street, these measures may not fix the problems completely, the councillors believe they will make an enormous difference to the safety of pedestrians.

Cllr Alan Hale, B&NES Conservative councillor for Keynsham South, said: “The redesign of Keynsham High Street has been a disappointing failure. It has resulted in the road being made dangerous for pedestrians, with some residents sustaining serious injuries.

“Today’s meeting with the Lib Dem councillors was productive and I look forward to working with them to get these problems sorted out as quickly as possible.”

Cllr Andy Wait, B&NES Liberal Democrat councillor for Keynsham East, said: “Both Cllr Hal MacFie and I were pleased with the outcome of the joint meeting. Despite our different political views, our main concern is for the welfare of the town as a whole, and these sensible solutions should make a positive difference to peoples’ lives.”