Investment in Keynsham Town Centre confirmed in Conservative budget proposals

Funding for long-awaited plans for the redevelopment of Keynsham Town Centre has been confirmed in budget proposals put forward by Conservative Councillors in Bath and North East Somerset.

As part of a commitment to boosting economic growth and rejuvenating the town centre, Conservative Councillors have committed to redeveloping Keynsham’s 1960’s Town Hall site with new offices, shops, Library, and One Stop Shop for Council services.

The £33 million commitment by the Council will secure hundreds of jobs in the town for many years into the future, help promote trade on the High Street and deliver a landmark Town Centre which residents can be proud of. This commitment sits alongside plans to create a new masterplan for the Somerdale site which will deliver new jobs and services for Keynsham, and comes in the wake of investment by the Council into the town’s new Community Resource Centre, St Keyna Primary School, and the Primary Care Trust’s investment in the town’s new Health Park.

As part of the Council’s wider Office Rationalisation programme, the Town Hall project will also deliver 10% annual savings on the Council’s office running costs and a 70% reduction in the Council’s carbon footprint.

Local Councillors in Keynsham have welcomed this commitment to the town.

Cllr Brian Simmons (Cons, Keynsham North) said:

“This is a very welcome commitment by Conservative Councillors to Keynsham which will help support our town’s local economy well into the future. Residents have told us that they value the Library, shops and public facilities at the Town Hall site, so it is good to see that these remain an integral part of the plans. The redevelopment of our Town Hall site also has to sit alongside wider plans to boost our town’s economy and develop a masterplan for the future of Somerdale which meets the needs of residents and provides new local employment.”

Keynsham North Councillor Charles Gerrish, who is also on the B&NES Cabinet, added:

“This investment underlines the commitment by Conservative Councillors to improving Keynsham and boosting our town’s economy. It comes following the completion of the new Community Resource Centre elderly person’s home, the new St Keyna Primary School, and a commitment to much needed new sports facilities at Wellsway School.”