Hundreds of signatures collected for Tesco petition

Over three hundred signatures have been collected for a petition calling on a local Tesco store in Bath to expand its product range.

The petition has been organised by Conservative Councillors Malcolm Lees and Colin Barrett after several residents in the Weston area of the city complained of the lack of choice and variety in the store since Tesco took over the running from Somerfield last year.

Acting on these concerns, Malcolm and Colin have been collecting signatures over the past two weeks and will now present the petition to both Tesco head office and the local store’s manager. Alongside the petition sent to Tesco, Cllr Lees has included a list of products and ranges which local people say they need from their local store and which are currently hard to get hold of.

Specifically, residents have highlighted:
– Lack of affordable ‘Tesco Value’ or ‘Discount Brand’ ranges.
– Limited range of baking products, with an over-emphasis on snacks and ready-meals.
– Reduced number of frozen good, with only two freezer cupboards compared to the previous wall of frozen goods when it was Somerfield.
– Limited choice over brands for staple goods such as bread.
– Stock frequently low, with items including normal Cheddar Cheese and Marmalade highlighted as unavailable.

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) commented:

“Since Tesco took over the running of the store, myself and Colin have been contacted by many residents concerned about the lack of day-to-day items in the store and the over-emphasis on snacks and ready-meals.

“The hundreds of signatures collected for this petition show that many residents agree that Tesco needs to do more to meet the needs of the local community. We want to ensure Weston has a thriving High Street for the benefit of all local traders, but to ensure this Tesco needs to stock the items which people want so that shoppers don’t have to travel elsewhere. I’m sure that the great response to this petition will show Tesco the strength of feeling on this issue, and myself and Colin would support the organising of a meeting between residents and Tesco management to discuss the matter.”