Holiday facilities for disabled children welcomed

Plans to provide new holiday facilities for disabled children in Keynsham have been welcomed by councillors in the town.Last year the Department for Education granted Bath and North East Somerset Council £72,814 to provide fully accessibly short-break facilities for disabled children.  At a public meeting last week, it was agreed by B&NES Council’s Cabinet to allocate £54,814 of grant to adapting the Lansdown building at Keynsham’s Wellsway School and improve the outside area to make it accessible for disabled children and their families to use for short breaks.

The decision comes following a consultation with families of disabled children carried out in July 2011 which identified a need for a targeted holiday provision for Disabled Children to be run in Keynsham. Similar facilities are already provided in Bath and the Somer Valley.

The funding will deliver a fully accessible toilet with at least one additional toilet next door, acoustic tiles on the ceiling and high locks on the doors to ensure the children in the facility are secure.  In addition, the outdoor space will be transformed to a play area which will include artificial grass, 2 raised flower beds, water play barrels, a swing, an outdoor tent and a play feature.

Keynsham councillor Charles Gerrish (Cons, Keynsham North) spoke at the Cabinet meeting welcoming the investment. Cllr Gerrish said:

“From my own experience I know that this facility will meet a need for parents of disabled children in Keynsham.  Up until now, families in Keynsham often had to travel out of town for such holiday schemes.  I’m therefore very pleased that the Government and Council are delivering this much needed improvement for Keynsham.”