Government delay on house-building plans leaves residents in ‘no-mans-land’

Local Conservatives in Bath and North East Somerset have said the latest delay to the Government’s South West Regional Spatial Strategy will allow local campaigners to “breathe a sigh of relief”. However, Government dithering over the plans has left Bath and North East Council in a no-mans-land when developing its Core Strategy and planning for the future.

Conservative Councillor Marie Longstaff (Keynsham East), who has been campaigning against the plans with local residents, said:

“Local residents campaigning against the Government’s huge house-building plans for our area will breathe a sigh of relief to hear they have been delayed yet again.

“Local Conservatives have been backing local residents all the way in their fight against these proposals, and Bath and North East Somerset Council has sent a clear message back to Government that these ludicrous plans are completely unacceptable and unobtainable. The court ruling against the East of England Spatial Strategy should be a warning to Government over what could happen here in the South West.

“However, this utter mess created by the Labour Government over these plans leaves the Council in a complete no-mans-land with planning for the future. The Council is currently starting the process of developing its next ‘Core Strategy’, which sets out the area’s planning policies for the next twenty years, but with such mixed signals coming from Government it makes it extremely difficult to plan ahead.

“It is time the Government listened to local people and completely re-thinks its approach.”