Fresh calls for south Keynsham relief road

Renewed calls have been made for a relief-road to be built south of Keynsham to ease traffic problems caused by new housing developments in the southern part of the town.

 Keynsham South councillors Alan Hale (Cons) and Lisa O’Brien (Cons) are pressing for the new road to be considered as a way to reduce the number of cars having to pass through the centre of town and residential streets in order to access new housing estates being built south of the town. 

The proposed road, which has been raised as a possibility in the past by local residents and councillors, would provide a new link between Charlton Road and Park Road, skirting south of Abbotts Wood and reducing the number of vehicles having to use residential roads in the area to access the new housing developments.

Although the idea has failed to progress in the past due to a lack of funding, local councillors argue that with the prospect of even more new houses being built south of the town, the need for the road will only increase in the years ahead. 

Alan and Lisa have met with B&NES Council’s transport officers to discuss the possibility, and are calling for the road to be a condition of any new planning permission, using financial contributions from the developer to help fund the road.

Councillor Alan Hale (Cons, Keynsham South) said:

“At the moment residents in south Keynsham, especially those on Park Road and Dunster Road, are faced with increasing numbers of vehicles needing to access The Meadows development, including construction traffic.

“Not only does this send more traffic through residential streets and the town centre, but it’s also unfair on residents of The Meadows who have no direct access to Charlton Road.

“With the prospect of yet more housing planned to the south of the town, Lisa O’Brien and I are calling for a fresh look at the idea of building a relief road that links Charlton Road to the Meadows, skirting beneath and avoiding Abbots Wood.  This would then provide an alternative route for cars needing to get from the Meadows to Charlton Road without them having to go via residential streets.”

Councillor Lisa O’Brien (Cons, Keynsham South) added:

“We’ve met with B&NES transport officers to discuss the need for action to be taken to reduce traffic in our town, including the idea of this relief road. Whilst we are aware there isn’t a budget in place for this road at the moment, our hope would be that the Council could leverage contributions from the developer to help fund the road.”