Flood Awareness event to take place in Bath

A flood awareness day is to take place at Bath’s Guildhall on Tuesday the 29th of June. The event aims to inform local residents about the risks of flooding their area and what action they can take to help protect themselves and their home.

The event will run between 10am and 6pm and is being organised by B&NES Council in conjunction with the Environment Agency. Advice and guidance will be available about how residents can protect and prepare themselves for flooding with information on a range of Flood Protection Products available on the market. The Fire & Rescue Service will also provide advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim and see the equipment they use.

Weston Councillors Colin Barrett and Malcolm Lees (Cons) have worked closely with the council on flood protection and advice since the area was hit by severe flooding in 2007. At their request, action has recently been taken to clear gullies in the area and early-warning flood-monitoring equipment has been installed in the storm-water culvert in the centre of the village. However, the area remains at risk of flooding and the councillors have urged residents to attend the flood awareness event if possible.

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) said:

“A flood awareness day was held in Weston village last year and proved very informative and helpful to those who attended. There is a range of flood protection equipment available these days and information about what can be purchased will be given at this event. It’s important to know what steps we can take to protect our own homes. We are also currently working with Wessex Water with a view to establishing some form of automated telephone flood-warning system.”

Cllr Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) added:

“We have worked closely with the council, Wessex Water and Environment Agency to ensure that action is taken to protect Weston from the kind of severe flooding we saw a few years back. The clearing of gullies and new equipment installed in the storm-water culvert to give an early-warning of any overflowing should help a lot, but it’s very useful for residents to gather as much information as possible. If residents are able to, I would urge local people to attend this event taking place in the Guildhall.”