Flood Awareness Clinic for Midsomer Norton

Local Councillors in Midsomer Norton have welcomed the news that a flood awareness clinic is to take place in the village later this month. The clinic, which is to take place on Tuesday the 21st of October between 10am and 7pm at The Hollies in the centre of Midsomer Norton, aims to inform local residents of flood prevention measures and ways of mitigating the impact of any floods.

Conservative Councillors in Midsomer Norton have been working closely with the Council’s Emergency Management Unit and Planning Group to address the problem of flooding in the area as weather conditions worsen in the run-up to winter. Midsomer Norton North Councillors Shirley Steel and Barry Macrae have said that the clearing of gullies to help prevent flooding throughout Midsomer Norton must be a priority and that information and preparation is essential. Councillors hope that the clinic will help to keep residents better informed about measures they can take to protect their homes as well as how to get up-to-date information on flood-mapping and see what the council is doing to minimise impact.

Councillor Chris Watt (Midsomer Norton Redfield) commented:

“Many residents, particularly up through the Withies Park area, have said to me they are very concerned about the issue of flooding and it is essential that people are kept well informed of measures to deal with flooding. We are very pleased that this event is taking place as it is important for people to gather as much information as possible to prepare for bad weather as well as see what measures the council is taking itself to minimise impact. I hope that many residents come along to this event as I’m sure it will be very useful.”