Early-warning flood equipment installed in Weston

Work has begun on installing early-warning flood-monitoring equipment in the Weston area of Bath. The equipment is being installed in the storm-water culvert in the centre of the village, which witnessed serious flooding during a bout of bad weather a couple of years ago.

Weston Councillors Colin Barrett and Malcolm Lees (Cons) have welcomed the action by Wessex Water, after working with the company and council to improve flood prevention in the area over the past few years. The work is being undertaken by Wessex Water following requests by Malcolm and Colin and liaison between B&NES Council and the company.

The new equipment will provide an early warning system to alert Wessex Water of rising water levels in Westbrook which could lead to flooding in the High Street. This will then allow for Wessex Water to act swiftly in removing any blockages to ensure the culvert is clear. The possibility of ‘telephone tree’ is also being looked into to ensure that potentially affected residents receive as early warning as possible of possible flooding. Work will also take place to make improvements to the existing overflow culvert in Deanhill Lane to increase its capacity.

Cllr Colin Barrett (Cons, Weston) said:

“Myself and Malcolm have been working with the Council and Wessex Water to improve drainage and warning systems in Weston for several years, as well as provide better information to local residents on flood prevention and protecting their properties. I know that residents and businesses in the High Street will be pleased to hear that new equipment and improved over-flow drainage will now be in place.”

Cllr Malcolm Lees (Cons, Weston) added:

“Weston has experienced serious flooding through the centre of the village several times, most recently during bad storms in the winter of 2007. This action by Wessex Water to improve its water-level monitoring and early-warning systems is therefore extremely welcome. It’s important to be prepared for bad weather and the earlier the warning of potential flooding the better prepared local people can be.”