Dorchester Street closure plan – ‘Complete Rossiter Road first’ say Conservatives

Bath and North East Somerset Council should not implement a through-route ban on cars using Dorchester Street until it has completed work on the Rossiter Road traffic scheme or risk causing gridlock, Conservative councillors have warned.

Conservatives councillors have said that they would support an experimental ban on through-traffic on Dorchester Street and Manvers Street, but that other traffic improvements need to take place first in order to ease the flow of traffic.

Conservatives in Bath have said that the Council should wait for the Rossiter Road project to be completed and press ahead with previous plans to widen the junction of North Parade Road and Pulteney Road, which would involve removing the former public toilets on the corner of the junction.  Once these improvements have taken place and their impact understood, a trial Dorchester Street through-route ban could be implemented which would still allow cars access to the train station and Manvers Street car park.

Conservative Group Deputy Leader Cllr Anthony Clarke (Lansdown) said:

“It’s right that the Council should look into what traffic schemes could be put in place to improve traffic flows and tackle congestion.  However, the timing of these plans has to be got right or else they could cause gridlock.

“Obviously doing several major road schemes at once risks bringing traffic to a stand-still.  It’s vital that the Council moves ahead quickly with making Rossiter Road two-way and completes this major project before implementing the Dorchester Street ban.  In addition, previously proposed plans to widen the junction of North Parade and Pulteney Road should be implemented.

“These schemes, once completed, should ease traffic flow in the centre and allow a Dorchester Street through-route ban to be trialled.  But this should be done sequentially and strategically; it’s only common sense to undertake one major upheaval at a time.”