Dorchester Street bus gate trial slated as ‘farce’

The trial of a new bus lane on Bath’s Dorchester Street has been slated as a ‘farce’ after numerous drivers were seen breaking the new bus gate restrictions its first week of operation.

The criticism comes after Conservative Shadow Transport spokesman Cllr Anthony Clarke observed a large number of cars driving along the new bus lane with no evidence of enforcement taking place. Councillor Clarke has accused Bath and North East Somerset Council of causing confusion amongst drivers who appear unaware of the new bus lane restrictions, which are now in place seven days a week between 10am and 6pm on the street’s eastbound carriageway.

The Dorchester Street bus gate has already come under fire from opposition Conservative councillors, who have previously raised concerns over the impact of displaced traffic onto nearby roads and recently forced the Council to agree to limit the trial to a maximum six months.

Councillor Anthony Clarke (Cons, Lansdown) said:

“The bus gate’s first week of operation has so far been a complete farce. The signage is not clear enough, there appears to be no enforcement taking place whatsoever, and many drivers seem completely unaware of the new restrictions.

“The Lib Dems were hell-bent on introducing this bus gate despite significant opposition, yet now appear completely disinterested in seeing it implemented properly.

“The Council needs to decide whether it wants to undertake this trial properly or not. If it does not plan to put in proper warning signs or enforce the restrictions at all then the trial may as well be abandoned immediately.”