Councillors tackle muddy goal

Children could soon be returning home from the Clapton Road Play Area much cleaner, thanks to the efforts of local B&NES Councillors Chris Watt and John Whittock.

Having received a number of letters from residents fed up with their children returning home from football at the play area covered in mud, the two Councillors decided something had to be done to improve the surface football pitch.

Midsomer Norton Conservative Councillors Chris Watt and John Whittock have secured funding for an all-weather football surface to be installed at the play area in front of the goal mouth.

Councillor Chris Watt:

“We both looked into the options and decided to fund the installation of an extended all weather surface for the goal mouth at a cost of £4,000. This will not only benefit local children who will now be able to get out and enjoy their games all year round but also their families, when they’re able to return home largely free of the notorious ‘Redfield’ mud.”

The cash for this initiative has come from our ‘Ward Councillors Initiative’ which is a grant received by local councillors to enable B&NES Councillors to fund local initiatives and community projects such as this, which can make a difference, but which otherwise might get overlooked.

With the grant application already approved it is hoped that the the new all weather surface can be installed this spring.