Councillors propose parking restrictions compromise

Conservative councillors in Bath have proposed a solution to the issue of on-street and residents parking restrictions which they hope will prove a workable compromise between the wishes of local residents and needs of businesses and voluntary organisations.

At the request of the Federation of Bath Residents Associations, Bath and North East Somerset Council recently conducted a consultation on proposals to extend residents parking and on-street parking restrictions in the Central Zone and Zone 1 to 8 am-8pm seven days a week, instead of the current 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

The proposals aim to benefit residents by increasing the amount of time Residents Parking Zones are in operation. However, concerns have been raised about the restrictions by city-centre businesses as well as churches and other organisations which operate on Sundays.

Now, Conservative Councillors in Bath are proposing that the parking restrictions are extended by an hour in the evenings to 7pm Monday to Saturday, but with no change to Sundays, leaving Sunday parking unrestricted.

City-centre councillor Brian Webber (Cons, Abbey) explained:

“We believe that extending residents’ parking zone restrictions by an extra hour will benefit local residents by allowing them more time to find a parking space when getting home from work, but will not have an undue impact on Bath’s evening economy.

“After listening carefully to the views of local businesses, churches and other voluntary organisations concerned about the proposals for Sunday parking restrictions, we also believe that Sunday parking should remain unrestricted. Our proposals for altering parking restrictions to 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday would therefore balance the wishes of local residents with needs of businesses and community organisations.”

The proposed solution has been put to Cllr Charles Gerrish, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, who has said the idea will be taken on-board alongside the consultation responses, but that the suggestions appeared to be a sensible compromise with considerable merit. A report with the final proposals, taking on-board the consultation, will be presented to Cllr Gerrish by Council Officers in the next few weeks.

Brian and Terry