Councillors oppose Saltford Manor Road housing plans

Plans which could see one hundred new houses built on Greenbelt land on the edge of Saltford have been opposed by the village’s local councillors.Developer Crest Nicholson last week held a public exhibition outlining its plans for 100 new houses on land to the south of Manor Road in Saltford.

However, Saltford’s Conservative councillors Francine Haeberling and Mathew Blankley have said that the overwhelming majority of residents they have spoken to are opposed to the plans.  Francine and Mathew have said that residents in the village had raised a number of concerns about the plans, including the impact of traffic on Manor Road from the development and the fact that Salford Primary School is already at capacity.  The councillors have said that they would resist plans which would result in a loss of Greenbelt around Saltford.

Councillor Haeberling said:

“Residents in Saltford have said time and again that they value the sanctity of the Greenbelt around our village, which protects Saltford’s identity as a separate community.  These plans for a one hundred-home development on Saltford’s Greenbelt are therefore clearly unacceptable and we will be opposing them. 

“In addition to the concerns over Greenbelt protection, local residents are also worried about the impact a large development like this could have on neighbouring residential roads, and there is a question over whether Saltford Primary School could accommodate the increased number of pupils these new houses would generate.”

Councillor Mathew Blankley added:

“We would urge Crest Nicholson to listen to the feedback they will be getting from residents in Saltford, who have told us they are against these proposals, and instead focus their development plans on Brownfield sites like their Western Riverside development.”