Councillor Committee visits Somerdale to discuss future

A committee of Councillors from Bath and North East Somerset Council this week visited Keynsham to discuss the future economic development of the town. Members of Council’s Enterprise and Economic Development Overview and Scrutiny panel visited sites including the Somerdale Cadbury factory and Town Hall site, which is set to be redevelopment by the Council.

The cross-party panel of councillors was particularly keen to visit the Somerdale site to discuss its future with Council Officers.

With Kraft announcing that it is to renege on its promise to keep the factory open, Councillors have said it is vital that the site is not allowed to fall into long-term disuse.

The Councillors were also briefed on the future plans for the Town Hall site and discussed the importance of the redevelopment to Keynsham’s economy.

Conservative Councillor Richard Maybury (Cons, Lambridge), who sits on the Enterprise and Economic Development panel, said:

“It was scandalous of Kraft to break its promise to workers over the future of the Somerdale factory and the company’s actions must be called to account. However, it’s important now that the Council does what it can to ensure that whatever way in which the site is used in future, it meets the needs of Keynsham residents. It’s also clear that the Council must support and invest in Keynsham more widely to ensure a thriving economic future for the town.

“We were very pleased to hear about the Council’s plans for the redevelopment of the Town Hall site and it’s clear that the Council’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing its presence in the town is crucial to Keynsham’s economic future. With the plans to redevelop the centre of Keynsham to include new shops and offices, there is an opportunity to ensure a thriving economic future for the town despite the loss of the Cadbury factory.”