Council votes to back East of Bath Park & Ride

Councillors in Bath and North East Somerset have voted to back plans for a new Park & Ride to the east of Bath.

At a meeting on Thursday 12th November, councillors voted to back a Conservative proposal which reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to delivering the long-discussed transport project.

A cross-party group of councillors will now review site options for the Park & Ride before a decision on the location is taken by the authority’s Cabinet, due early next year.

As well agreeing on the need for an East of Bath Park & Ride to reduce the number of commuters driving into the city, councillors also voted to approve a number of additional measures aimed at tackling Bath’s notorious traffic and air pollution problems, including:

– starting work on a full business case for an eastern by-pass to remove through-traffic from the city;

– investigating the prospect of creating a Low Emission Zone alongside the delivery of the Park & Ride to reduce the number high-polluting vehicles entering the city;

– looking into the potential of providing a shuttle-bus service from the new Park & Ride to the RUH.

The Council also agreed to look at ‘best practice’ examples from elsewhere in the country and abroad of ways to mitigate any visual impact of the Park & Ride, once a preferred site has been selected.

Following the meeting, B&NES Conservative Leader, Councillor Tim Warren, said:

“Building Bath’s long-promised eastern Park & Ride is an important part of our wider plan to improve transport and tackle congestion in and around the city, so I’m pleased Council has agreed to proceed with this project.

“The recent consultation showed that there are clearly strong views on both sides of the debate over this issue. Whilst a clear majority of respondents from Bath supported the proposals for a Park & Ride, residents of the villages to the east of the city understandably have greater concerns about the plans.

“We have taken on board the concerns that have been raised and have therefore asked that a cross-party group of councillors review the various site options for the Park & Ride before a preferred site is selected, taking account of both the feasibility of each site and the results of the consultation.

“Once this process has been undertaken, we hope to be in a position to select a preferred site early next year.”