Council to take ‘fresh look’ at A367 Odd Down bus lane

The new Conservative leadership on Bath & North East Somerset Council has said it will take a fresh look at how traffic can be improved on one of the main routes into Bath from south of the city.

 The Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Anthony Clarke, has promised to take another look at whether the bus lane on the approach to the Odd Down Park & Ride on the A367 could be opened up to use by more vehicles – such as cars accessing the Park & Ride or vehicles with two or more occupants.

The bus lane was installed in 2009 as part of the Greater Bristol Bus Network project and funded by the then Labour Government.

Cllr Anthony Clarke said:

“Improving transport is one of our top priorities and we are always keen to look at ways of easing traffic, increasing road capacity and tackling bottlenecks – and this important route into Bath is no exception.  The bus lane on the A367 was funded by the previous Labour Government and there has always been a perception it is under-used, so it would be good if we could find a way of allowing more vehicles to make greater use of this road capacity.

“My understanding is that a previous study revealed there to be technical difficulties with moving this bus lane to the centre of the road as this would mean buses having to re-join the left-hand lane at the roundabout, potentially causing additional hold-ups.

“However, whilst there is no money in the budget we inherited from the previous administration to do any further on work it this year, I would be keen to take a fresh look at the issue as part of the Somer Valley transport strategy as this is developed.”