Council recommends rejection of Saltford housing plans

Councillors in Bath and North East Somerset have voted to recommend that plans for 99 houses on Greenbelt in Saltford be rejected.

However, the final decision on whether or not the plans will go ahead now rests with an independent planning inspector, who will hold public hearings on the application in August.

The final decision on the application was taken out of the hands of the Council after the developer, Crest Nicholson, chose to take the application to appeal on the grounds of ‘non-determination’ by the Council.

Saltford’s Conservative councillors Mathew Blankley and Francine Haeberling have welcomed the decision by the Council’s Planning Committee, and have said it will strengthen their hand in opposing the development at the appeal hearings.

Councillor Mathew Blankley (Cons, Saltford) spoke at the Committee meeting urging councillors to recommend refusal of the application. Following the meeting, he said:

“This is only the first step in the process of getting this application thrown out, but I’m delighted with the committee’s recommendation. This outcome has strengthened our case in calling on the Planning Inspector to reject this opportunistic application, by demonstrating that a democratic body has given a resounding ‘No’.”

Cllr Francine Haeberling (Cons, Saltford) added:

“There’s still quite a way to go before we can claim victory on this, but we have at least persuaded B&NES that these plans are wrong for Saltford. Now we have to persuade the Planning Inspector that this application will damage the Greenbelt, put extra traffic onto local roads, add undue pressure to Saltford Primary School, and has to be rejected.”