Conservatives welcome action to improve safety on Keynsham High Street

Conservative councillors on Bath and North East Somerset Council have welcomed moves to improve safety on Keynsham High Street following recent reports of trips and falls.

It comes after numerous people have lodged complaints after tripping and falling over the uneven road surface.

The £1.5m High Street improvement project, which was completed last week, has seen the footpaths widened and resurfaced, cycle lanes added and new street furniture installed. But locals have reported problems with the differing heights of the kerbs, which have caused vulnerable people to trip and fall.

On Saturday 26 March, one person was even taken to hospital after suffering a serious head injury as a result of tripping over the newly-laid pavement.

He was one of four people who have reported needing to go to hospital over the past week, while others managed to retain their footing after tripping.

Following these complaints, Keynsham’s Conservative councillors today met members of the Liberal Democrat administration and council officers on site to understand how the High Street could be made safer for pedestrians.

Some of the solutions suggested include adding additional white lines to make it clear where the kerbs are located, installing signage on site and launching an advertising campaign to encourage locals to take care.

Cllr Alan Hale, B&NES Conservative councillor for Keynsham South, said: “Throughout the first week of the street being open I have received numerous reports of people sustaining injuries after tripping and falling over the pavement. This is simply unacceptable.

“I have appealed to the administration and senior officers within the council and I’m pleased that these concerns are now being taken seriously.

“I welcome the potential actions that can be taken to improve safety on the High Street and if they are found to be insufficient, I hope further work can be done to correct these problems before more people are hurt.”

Cllr Brian Simmons, B&NES Conservative councillor for Keynsham North, said: “These works are simply not up to the standard we expect. There is a high risk of serious injury or worse unless these problems can be sorted out quickly.

“We need a resolution and I’m pleased to see the council taking our concerns seriously. Hopefully these problems can be corrected as quickly as possible.”