Conservatives slam “reckless” Cabinet decision to restrict access to Bath city centre

Motorists will be permanently excluded from Bath city centre following a “reckless” decision by B&NES Cabinet members.

At tonight’s Cabinet meeting members agreed to go ahead with proposals to completely restrict access to Bath city centre through the controversial ‘Ring of Steel’ proposals.

With approval from Cabinet, the process can now start whereby access to the city centre will be restricted 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week for 365 days-a-year. New reinforced bollards and anti-terror street furniture will also be erected at numerous places in the city centre.

These unnecessary measures will leave city centre residents unable to park their cars outside their properties, receive deliveries to their doors or be dropped off at their doorsteps by taxis late at night.

Some of the more controversial proposals have been tweaked to allow a degree of access for Blue Badge holders. But these changes, the B&NES Conservative Group says, do not go far enough and will severely restrict the freedoms of residents.

Cllr Karen Warrington, Conservative councillor for the Chew Valley on Bath and North East Somerset Council, said: “The people of Bath will wake up tomorrow morning in a city they no longer recognise. When these regulations come into force, this administration will have turned a once welcoming and vibrant city centre into a no-go zone for residents.

“The concessions the administration has made to Blue Badge holders do not go far enough and they have given themselves the power to remove these concessions whenever they see fit.

“Let me be clear – the Liberal Democrats are using the threat of terrorism to further their anti-motoring agenda. This is reckless, cynical and underhand in the extreme.”