Conservative leadership respond to call-in of East of Bath Park & Ride decision

Conservatives in Bath & North East Somerset have slammed attempts by opposition councillors to put a stop to much-needed improvements to Bath’s transport infrastructure. 

The criticism comes following the decision of Lib Dem councillors, together with three Labour Councillors and one Green councillor, to launch a formal challenge of plans to progress Bath’s long-discussed Eastern Park & Ride by calling-in the Cabinet’s decision of a preferred Park & Ride site. 

Reacting to the call-in, Councillor Anthony Clarke (Cons, Lansdown) said:

“In all the years the Lib Dems ran the Council, they failed to take any meaningful action to improve traffic and transport in the city. So it’s a shame that, alongside Labour and Green Councillors, the Lib Dems are now trying to block any attempts to deliver much-needed improvements to Bath’s transport infrastructure.

“For too long, Bath has been let down by stop-start projects and a lack of investment in its transport infrastructure.

 “That’s why, in 2014, councillors from all political parties came together and agreed upon a comprehensive Transport Strategy for Bath that included new and expanded Park & Ride provision. It’s therefore disappointing that Labour and the Lib Dems have decided to abandon working cross-party for the long-term good of the city and have instead returned to opposing much-needed investment in Bath’s transport infrastructure.

“The Lib Dems’ latest stance is particularly surprising given the significant amount of time and money they spent on the project when they were running the Council.”

Commenting on the need for an East of Bath Park & Ride, Councillor Tim Warren added: 

“A new eastern Park & Ride is an important part of our wider plan to improve transport, tackle congestion and support the growth of our local economy.

“We have followed a robust process to assess the need and demand for an eastern Park & Ride, and looked exhaustively at all the various site options in deciding upon our preferred site. We have taken on board all the comments received, and will go to great lengths to ensure the Park & Ride is sensitive to its surroundings and screened from view.

“Bath is set to see significant economic growth in the coming years, but with these new jobs will come increased traffic unless action is taken now. Alongside other measures such as improved rail services, more cycling provision, and an A36-A46 link road, an eastern Park & Ride will play an important role in helping address Bath’s well-known transport issues.

“It’s for these reasons the Park & Ride has received wide support from local business organisations, residents associations and transport groups.”

Background to the East of Bath Park & Ride: 

Evidence on the need for an East of Bath Park & Ride:

Exhaustive studies and consultant reports have been undertaken on the need and demand for an East of Bath Park & Ride – all of which conclude that a new Park & Ride would be well-used and needed to support the economic growth of the city. They also conclude that without a new Park & Ride traffic congestion in Bath will be worse in the years ahead.