Conservative call for investment to tackle street drinking

Conservative Councillors in Bath are calling for additional investment to tackle the issue of street drinking in the city.

Local Conservatives are urging Bath and North East Somerset Council to agree funding for new facilities which could help reduce the number of street drinkers in Bath and improve services for rough sleepers and drinkers in the city.

After spearheading moves to ban street drinking in the city centre and improve enforcement, Conservatives have argued that the Council should use a combination of measures to reduce the number of street drinkers and rough sleepers in Bath.

The Conservative Cabinet on B&NES Council will now seek approval from the Council to invest up to £3 million in new hostel facilities for street drinkers and rough sleepers in the city and help them towards independent living.

Following the withdrawal of central Government funding for a similar scheme, it is now being proposed that the Council work with Somer Housing to develop a new hostel facility. It is also hoped that Somer will be able to leverage a further £2 million towards the scheme. The hostel would also include medical facilities and mean providing a safe ‘off-street’ area for street drinkers which can be properly monitored.

Bath Conservative Councillor Anthony Clarke (Lansdown) said:

“Homelessness and street drinking is a long term problem in Bath and Conservatives are urging the Council to agree this investment to tackle the issue. Local residents consistently say this is one of their top concerns and it’s important the Council works with the police and its other partners to address the problem.

“These plans for major investment in new hostel facilities would be a big step forward in alleviating the problem. This would benefit residents and visitors to Bath who witness the problems of street drinking daily as well as those with alcohol-related problems and rough sleepers, helping them back into society.”